Camping KotkanPesä
Camping KotkanPesä



  • Row boat: free of charge
  • Simple angling and ice fishing are everyman's rights in Finland: no license is needed. Simple angling means using only a rod, a line, a hook and a non-artificial bait (for example a worm). In ice fishing the fisher uses a jig attached to a line which is moved up and down. The line is held in the hand or the fisher may use a short rod which cannot be used for casting
  • A license for fishing is required if you are 18-64 years old and plan to fish using other techniques than simple angling and ice fishing. A license can be bought for 45€/year, 15€/7 days or 6€/day. A license for fishing.
  • Map of the lake Kankaresvesi

Sport activities:




  • A slide, a swing and a jungle gym on the beach.


  • Beach with natural sand.

Service building

  • Small space for dining, dished, pots, kettles, sinks, magazines and books.
Useful information:
  • We sell liquefied petroleum gas.
  • Nearest ATM at 3.9km Route
  • Nearest shop at 3.5km Route
  • Nearest gas station at 3.5km Route
  • Train station 11km Route
  • Bus stop at the main gate. Buses approximately once per hour.